It’s almost here!

Yes, the second edition of my hefty tome on flash — Mastering Canon EOS Flash Photography — is almost here. It’s been printed, as evidenced by this photo, and is on a slow boat from China. It should be hitting bookshops around the world in March.

It’s a reasonably significant update, as it brings the book up to date with the latest developments, particularly Canon’s radio flash technology. It covers both the Speedlite 600EX-RT and the groovy new Speedlite 430EX III-RT flash units.

Art of Burning Man - free talk in London

I’m giving a free talk on the art of the Burning Man festival in London on 13 August. Please RSVP and pop by if you’re in the area!


Sorry for the outages

Sorry for PhotoNotes.org’s massive amount of downtime lately. Apparently things are continuing slowly on the fibre cabinet repair front. But the driver who destroyed the cabinet also apparently destroyed the pedestal it stands on, supplying power. So they’ve had to run new power to the box as well.


Art of Burning Man - shipping in Europe

Yes, it’s now available in Europe. Taschen and Amazon UK are carrying it, as are many other retailers.

The US and Canada will need to wait until the second week of August, I’m afraid.


Art of Burning Man - preorder now!

Well, it’s been a very long time coming. 16 years, in fact. But at long last my much-awaited book of Burning Man writing and photography, Art of Burning Man, is about to be published by renowned art publisher Taschen. Yes, it’s really happening. And it also kind of explains why this site hasn’t been as updated as much as I’d like…

Here’s some information on my site:


Phew! Good news for most Europeans

Unless you’re French, Italian, Belgian, or Greek, sadly.

A threat to the “freedom of panorama” concept has been shot down in the European parliament. This proposed law would have restricted people from taking photos in public places that happened to include certain buildings.


Mastering Canon EOS Flash Photography: second edition

Well, the book did quite well, but it’s looking a bit long in the proverbial tooth these days. So it’s time for a refresh!

I’m pleased to announce that Rocky Nook are going to release the second edition of my seminal book on flash photography - Mastering Canon EOS Flash Photography. (man I really wish we’d gone for a slightly shorter title…)

The book covers the latest flash equipment, including the radio-equipped Canon Speedlites 600EX-RT and 430EX III RT. It’ll be shipping later this year. Stay tuned.

New Lytro

So the first Lytro camera, which lets you adjust focus in an image after a picture has been taken, was a fascinating proof of concept. But now Lytro has ratcheted things up quite a few notches with a new, and much more serious, camera. It’ll be fascinating to see how the “Illum” works and how well it’s received.

Calumet USA closes

Still more sad news, particularly for the employees of the company. Apparently the European locations are OK for now.

More film on the way out

Sad news from Fuji - another Neopan and a Fujicolor being discontinued.