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PhotoNotes.org is a free public information resource for the Internet photographic community, created and maintained by NK Guy.

The PhotoNotes project was begun in Vancouver, Canada, mainly written in Seattle, USA, and is currently served out from a computer located in London, England. For a while the server was operating on a barge on the Grand Union Canal, but is now on dry land.

Here's how I described PhotoNotes in the 30 April 2002 news release.

"Why the articles and reviews? Well, over the years I’ve found that some of the most useful information on camera gear tends to be from actual users who post information online.

Camera owners may be misinformed or blindly fond of one brand over another. But at least you know they’ve probably used the gear they’re reviewing. By contrast, camera salespeople hungrily want you to buy something, books are often out of date and photo magazines have both tight deadlines and the imperative to keep advertisers happy. Users have no such agendas.

On top of this, most camera manuals tell you how - but don’t tell you why. They briefly describe the operational basics without explaining any of the underlying reasons why things work the way they do.

So. Here’s my Internet contribution to addressing the two points above. Big parts of it are primarily oriented towards the Canon EOS system, though much material here is still of benefit to users of other camera systems. And with the exception of the two Canon articles, the writing, design, photography and programming of this site is wholly original content by me."

As for the PhotoNotes.org Dictionary of Film and Digital Photography, I have a separate about page for that.

- NK Guy


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