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News release. April 30, 2002.




Announcing a new online dictionary of film and digital

Vancouver, BC, Canada - April 30, 2002 - Photographers wanting to
learn more about the rich and detailed vocabulary of photography -
both traditional chemical photography and digital photography -
have a new free online resource to turn to.

The Dictionary of Film and Digital Photography is
the Internet's most complete online glossary of still photography.
Over 1400 terms and 90,000 words of definitions; all available in
an easily searched, cross-referenced Web site.

Most print dictionaries of photography date back at least 20 years
and don't cover the latest developments in automated camera
systems. The dictionary, by contrast, includes all
the buzzwords, jargon, acronyms and common camera symbols seen on
cameras today. Newcomers to photography can learn the basics and
some of the history of early chemical photography. And experienced
photographers can keep up with the newest digital technologies.

The dictionary was written by NK Guy, a Vancouver
writer and designer.

   "The dictionary is a marvelous online resource
    and fills a much needed gap. Obviously a labor of love and
    the result is an easy-to-use and well crafted site with
    nothing but useful data."

    - Henry Posner, Director of Sales and Training
      B&H Photo-Video and Pro-Audio Inc.

   "The Dictionary of Film and Digital
    Photography is a valuable contribution to the worldwide
    photographic community and one that is destined to become a
    standard reference and resource. It deserves to be at the top
    of every photographer's Favorites list."

    - Michael Reichmann, the Luminous Landscape.

   "When I visited the dictionary for the first
    time, I found it interesting, accurate, and highly
    informative. And the definitions themselves contained links
    to many fabulous web sites that contained additional

    - Arthur Morris, is a free public information resource for the
Internet photographic community, created and maintained by NK

NK Guy,

# # #