Mastering Canon EOS Flash PhotographySome original articles on photography. Primarily related to the Canon EOS system, but some are of a more general nature.

• Canon EOS Beginner FAQ. Packed with useful answers to Frequently Asked beginner questions.

• Canon EOS flash photography. The second most complete work on the subject of Canon EOS flash photography ever published - and it’s here for free.

• Infrared photography - some popular myths which plague the field, and why shooting infrared is easy.

• Using EOS cameras with Kodak HIE high-speed infrared film. Which cameras are compatible, which aren’t, and what to look out for.

• Attaching manual lenses and telescopes to EOS cameras. How to do it and what problems to be aware of.

• Why online auctions are a dodgy way to buy photographic gear.

Why I chose the Canon EOS system when I moved from manual focus to autofocus.

Notes on filters for beginners and people on a budget.

Oily shutter blades on EOS cameras - what the problem is and how to fix it.

Installing a Canon EF-M split-circle viewfinder screen into certain older EOS cameras.

• Not an article as such, but a table of equivalence listing the different product numbers used for Manfrotto tripods and accessories in the US (sold under the Bogen name) compared to the rest of the world.

• A Dictionary of Keyboards. Nothing to do with photography, really, but computer keyboards.


The following manuals are not copied or scanned from original Canon manuals. They are wholly original works written to complement and sometimes substitute for the originals. They contain more detail and experience-based information, but are not as authoritative and lack the diagrams and charts included with Canon’s booklets.

I haven’t written manuals for any other models, particularly the digital series, simply because the official manuals are now available as free downloads from Canon and other sources. When I wrote this material it was hard to find official documentation for a lot of Canon cameras, but that is no longer the case.

Canon EOS Elan (EOS 100) manual.

Canon EOS 10s (EOS 10) manual.

Canon EOS Rebel 2000 (EOS 300, Kiss III, Kiss IIIL) manual.

Canon EOS Rebel S II manual.

Note that the Rebel S II manual also applies to a ton of other cameras - the EOS 1000, EOS 1000F, EOS 1000F QD, EOS Rebel, EOS Rebel S, EOS Rebel S Quartz Date, EOS 1000 QD, EOS 1000N, EOS 1000FN, EOS 1000FN QD, EOS Rebel II, EOS Rebel S II, EOS 1000S QD and EOS 1000S QDP.

Canon EF-M manual.

If you’re looking for manuals for other EOS gear you might check out the EOS Documentation Project or the Canon links listed above. Please don’t ask me for manuals for equipment not listed here. If it isn’t here then I haven’t got it.

Articles by Canon.

Finally, two documents found elsewhere on the Web. As far as I’m aware, Canon USA both holds the copyright to this material and also isn’t concerned about it being distributed so long as copyright attributions are maintained.

• Canon’s Chuck Westfall explains how AI Servo works on the EOS 1. Includes information on mysterious Canon-specific buzzwords, like AI Servo and Secondary Image Registration.

• The original news release for the EOS Elan. (EOS 100)

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