An early selfie

This must be one of the earliest examples of the phenomenon!

Nadine Ohara photo contest

Photo.net has a new wedding photography contest running, named after their long-time moderator, Nadine Ohara. Nadine sadly died last year of cancer. She was a generous contributor to the Photo.net forums, and kindly provided me with some super-accurate fact-checking for my book on flash photography.

The Earth and Moon 45 years ago

Forty-five years ago the best known photo of our little planet was taken by Apollo astronauts orbiting the Moon. Merry Christmas 1968!

Ingenious light painting video

Very nicely done. http://lightspin.ca/dance

And if the dubstep-like soundtrack doesn’t work for you, the making-of documentary is a bit calmer.

Which paper fired its photographers?

Hard to tell.

“I’m not trying to change anything that’s in front of me. I’m trying to give it respect, and I’m trying to call attention to it.”

American photographer Jay Maisel, his photos, and his ginormous house.


Joel Meyerowitz: entre chien et loup.

The BBC has a slideshow of some fascinating photos by American photographer Joel Meyerowitz.

“Photography is brilliant at describing and yet not letting you know.”

Roger Cicala’s Law of New Product Introduction


Fake photos; real memories

The BBC have a fascinating article posted discussing the very real problem of how our brains can vividly recall events that never happened - based on simple fake photos. A really interesting read!

The WSJ year in review

Jumping the proverbial gun a bit perhaps, but the Wall Street Journal have published their photographic review of the year for 2012. As to be expected from mainstream news, rather a lot of shots of violence, human suffering, and sports. But there’s some other great stuff in there too.