Sometimes it’s the little things: Anglepoise fail

So I’ve been shopping around for a desk lamp recently. I just want something solid and reliable and convenient to use. Not a complicated problem, one might think.

I want something like the Anglepoise lamp my father bought back in the 1960s. This is a two-arm sprung lamp that holds its position wherever you point it. (Americans who don’t know this brand - think of the Luxo Jr film by Pixar. Anglepoise licensed the spring design to Norwegian firm Luxo, which was later immortalised in the early CGI short.)

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The Lens continues to get rave reviews!

Reviews of The Lens are a-comin’ in.

“Seriously, The Lens: A Practical Guide for the Creative Photographer is one of the most fascinating photography books that I’ve ever read. It belongs on every photographer’s bookshelf or coffee table, because it’s the kind of book that has something for everyone.”

    - Dan Bailey. Dan Bailey’s Adventure Photography Blog.

“Well written and beautifully illustrated, the book offers not only the nuts and bolts and interior workings of lens(es) but shows numerous top-quality photographs that visually capture the essence of the technical explanations.”

    - Si Dunn. Books, Books, and More New Books.

“All the way through there a beautiful examples of how these different lenses and settings perform, helping you to make a decision through actually seeing the result, not just from what you are told in words.”

    - ePHOTOzine

“There’s so much information in here that even if you think you know all your stuff, you might be surprised.”

    - Jade Price. Photography Monthly.

“A great guide with practical advice on a topic that should get a lot more attention from anyone with a camera that can mount different lenses. Bravo!”

    - Imaging Resource.

“We like The Lens: A Practical Guide for the Creative Photographer because it summarizes in one place a lot of information about interchangeable lenses.”

    - RainyDayPhotography.

“Maybe the Only Book You’ll Need on the Subject”

    - John Jacobson, Amazon reviewer.

You better watch out!

Happy 12:12:12 at 12:12:12!

It’s funny how excited we all get over stuff that derives from purely human conventions and constructs, like clocks and calendars. That Mayan calendar silliness being a big recent example. But yeah, there is something fascinating and compelling about seeing all those 12s lined up in a row…

Now available in the UK

Great news for Britain! The enhanced iBooks edition of The Lens is now available from the UK iBookstore!

The enhanced electronic version of the Lens is now available!

The enhanced version for iPad users (iPad 2 and newer running iOS 5 or newer) is now available at the iBookstore. It’s currently available to US and Canadian users only. A demo book is available for download from the store. Stay tuned for other markets.

I’m afraid that the ebook edition for Android, Kindles, and other devices does not support these enhanced features for technology reasons. (ie: I’m not aware of any non-iPad e-reader that has that level of multimedia support)


The Lens: available worldwide!

The Lens is now available worldwide!

Yes, after a year and a half of painstaking labour, my new book is now shipping all over the planet.

Well, it’s been available in North America for a little while now, but I’ve been pretty swamped creating the iBooks digital edition of the book. That turned out to be quite a project in itself, but a pretty exciting one! It should be available from the iBookstore in early December 2012.


Aaaaaand we’re back!

My apologies for the recent downtime on this site. A badly implemented and supported network change at my provider lead to a lot of general pain, during which parts of PhotoNotes weren’t accessible. Following several solid hours of phone calls, around 11 different customer service agents, 3 hung up calls, 2 blind transfers to wrong departments, and 2 unnecessary modem replacements shipped out, I’ve finally got things working again. No thanks to O2 Broadband.

My apologies for any inconvenience the downtime may have caused.

Now shipping from Amazon USA!

Excitingly, my new book - the Lens - is now available across the USA from Amazon. It should just be a week or two before it’s widely available at American physical bookstores as well. Canada will follow next, and hopefully soon the UK!

News release for my new book!

Yes, my new book is almost out in the wild. Read about it here!