The inventor of flash sync

So in my book on flash, Mastering Canon EOS Flash Photography, I start off with a little history of flash and how modern flash tech came about. And one thing I never found out was who first developed flash sync technology.

Turns out he was alive when I wrote it! The New York Times reports that German mega-inventor Artur Fischer, creator of the fischertechnik toy system and the humble yet ubiquitous wall screw anchor, was also the inventor of flash sync. Fischer, who died on January 27 2016 at age 96, invented flash sync in 1947, selling the technology to Agfa.

Thank you, Herr Fischer!


Art of Burning Man - free talk in London

I’m giving a free talk on the art of the Burning Man festival in London on 13 August. Please RSVP and pop by if you’re in the area!


Art of Burning Man - shipping in Europe

Yes, it’s now available in Europe. Taschen and Amazon UK are carrying it, as are many other retailers.

The US and Canada will need to wait until the second week of August, I’m afraid.


Art of Burning Man - preorder now!

Well, it’s been a very long time coming. 16 years, in fact. But at long last my much-awaited book of Burning Man writing and photography, Art of Burning Man, is about to be published by renowned art publisher Taschen. Yes, it’s really happening. And it also kind of explains why this site hasn’t been as updated as much as I’d like…

Here’s some information on my site:


Mastering Canon EOS Flash Photography: second edition

Well, the book did quite well, but it’s looking a bit long in the proverbial tooth these days. So it’s time for a refresh!

I’m pleased to announce that Rocky Nook are going to release the second edition of my seminal book on flash photography - Mastering Canon EOS Flash Photography. (man I really wish we’d gone for a slightly shorter title…)

The book covers the latest flash equipment, including the radio-equipped Canon Speedlites 600EX-RT and 430EX III RT. It’ll be shipping later this year. Stay tuned.

An early selfie

This must be one of the earliest examples of the phenomenon!

Taking risks

Some brilliant architectural photos taken from a very unusual, and somewhat dangerous, angle.

To combine the prosaic interiors with the cyberpunk-like vertigo-inducing exteriors is a stroke of genius.


The Earth and Moon 45 years ago

Forty-five years ago the best known photo of our little planet was taken by Apollo astronauts orbiting the Moon. Merry Christmas 1968!


A kind of you.

Burning Man 2013 preview

So. I’m back from Burning Man 2013, with thousands of photos to process. A very difficult and challenging year, but some decent photos turned up.

Here’s a sneak preview of 8 shots! Including a photograph taken inside a burning building, using a homemade enclosure.