Fake photos; real memories

The BBC have a fascinating article posted discussing the very real problem of how our brains can vividly recall events that never happened - based on simple fake photos. A really interesting read!

Energy from an orange

Self-illuminated. But a crazy 14 hour exposure! Awesome!


Prize winner

A hearty congratulations to my cousin Alma Haser for her fantastic fourth place win in the highly prestigious Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait competition!

The guts of a new Nikon

Ottawa’s Chipworks have done a very interesting dissection of a new Nikon D600 camera, revealing its complexity, difficulty level of repair (spoiler - very difficult), and Sony image sensor. Fascinating stuff. At least for the geek!

Night aerial photography

A couple years ago I photographed the temporary city of the Burning Man arts festival from the sky at night. And it was a real challenge! Even with a fast lens and high ISO, most of the shots were highly blurred. The fact I was shooting out the open door of a moving aircraft made it particularly difficult.

Well, New York magazine has a spectacular photograph of Manhattan in the aftermath of Sandy. And an impressive helicopter shot it is!

Martian self-portrait

Like tourists taking photos of themselves by holding out a camera on an outstretched arm, the NASA Mars rover Curiosity has taken its own photo on the surface of another planet. Pretty groovy. It’s also particularly trippy as the photo is actually a mosaic of many different shots, and the final picture conceals the outstretched arm that held the camera. (either that, or it’s all a big conspiracy like the lunar landing, and the shot was faked in a Hollywood studio!)

Now shipping from Amazon USA!

Excitingly, my new book - the Lens - is now available across the USA from Amazon. It should just be a week or two before it’s widely available at American physical bookstores as well. Canada will follow next, and hopefully soon the UK!

A runner’s point of view

After winning the 200m race on August 9, Usain Bolt grabbed a camera off Swedish press photographer Jimmy Wixtröms and snapped a few shots from his point of view. Pretty cool.

Whether wisely and intentionally or not, Bolt grabbed a Nikon with a super wide angle 12-24mm lens, by the looks of it, which was the perfect choice for showing the Olympic stadium and the crowds of spectators and press.

Optical adjustments

The ever-prolific Roger Cicala has a new blog piece devoted to an area shrouded in a lot of mystery: adjusting lens optics. Very interesting read for those curious about such things, which normally isn’t discussed much in public since it’s usually done behind closed doors in camera repair shops.

Coming soon: the Lens

So I’m pleased to announce that my new book, The Lens: A Practical Guide for the Creative Photographer, is heading to the printers! Like my previous book, this one is being published by the awesome folks at Rocky Nook in Santa Barbara, California.

The Lens is basically one of those books that I wish I’d had when I was starting out. It covers everything you need to know about camera lenses for still photography, focusing on practical things that matter.

I’m pretty excited about it, and will be talking more about it soon!

(The book also explains the big quiet patch in my blog of late)