The Lens: available worldwide!

The Lens is now available worldwide!

Yes, after a year and a half of painstaking labour, my new book is now shipping all over the planet.

Well, it’s been available in North America for a little while now, but I’ve been pretty swamped creating the iBooks digital edition of the book. That turned out to be quite a project in itself, but a pretty exciting one! It should be available from the iBookstore in early December 2012.


Lion: 1. Camera: 0

Cameras stolen and trashed by animals are always such a classic. I love the expressions on this one, though.

Energy from an orange

Self-illuminated. But a crazy 14 hour exposure! Awesome!


Bryce Bayer

Just about every digital camera sold today uses an internal pattern of colour filters over the image sensor. This pattern, known as the Bayer filter, was invented in 1976 by Kodak researcher Bryce Bayer.

Apparently Mr Bayer died this week, aged 83. While it must have been tragic to watch the firm he worked for much of his life go down the tubes, it must also have been an amazing thought to know that just about every modern camera out there contained his invention!

Prize winner

A hearty congratulations to my cousin Alma Haser for her fantastic fourth place win in the highly prestigious Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait competition!

The guts of a new Nikon

Ottawa’s Chipworks have done a very interesting dissection of a new Nikon D600 camera, revealing its complexity, difficulty level of repair (spoiler - very difficult), and Sony image sensor. Fascinating stuff. At least for the geek!

Canon lens news

So Canon have released two new lenses - a 24-70mm 4L IS USM and a 35mm 2 IS USM EF lens. But more interestingly, Canon have finally decided to join the rest of the industry by switching to centre-pinch lens caps! Exciting news.

Of course, I’m still waiting for a 24-105 2.8L IS USM lens. That would be my ideal!

Night aerial photography

A couple years ago I photographed the temporary city of the Burning Man arts festival from the sky at night. And it was a real challenge! Even with a fast lens and high ISO, most of the shots were highly blurred. The fact I was shooting out the open door of a moving aircraft made it particularly difficult.

Well, New York magazine has a spectacular photograph of Manhattan in the aftermath of Sandy. And an impressive helicopter shot it is!

Martian self-portrait

Like tourists taking photos of themselves by holding out a camera on an outstretched arm, the NASA Mars rover Curiosity has taken its own photo on the surface of another planet. Pretty groovy. It’s also particularly trippy as the photo is actually a mosaic of many different shots, and the final picture conceals the outstretched arm that held the camera. (either that, or it’s all a big conspiracy like the lunar landing, and the shot was faked in a Hollywood studio!)