Pictures in an exhibition

Of possible interest to people in London - I’ve got a few prints on show at Illumini, an exhibition currently running this month in the crypt beneath St Pancras Church.

I don’t have a particularly big contribution - just half a dozen prints from my Slow Shutter photography workshop in the similarly subterranean vaults beneath London Bridge railway station. But it’s free entry, and there are loads of artists showing light-related work, so pop by if you’re in the area. Nearest Underground station is Euston.

And for those who are stopping by this site because they saw my shots - thanks for your interest! I probably should have mentioned in the writeup that all the pictures were done entirely in-camera. They’re not digital Photoshop fakery in any way.

The prints are all available, framed as shown, for £65 each. Drop me a line if you’re interested in one.

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