The Lens continues to get rave reviews!

Reviews of The Lens are a-comin’ in.

“Seriously, The Lens: A Practical Guide for the Creative Photographer is one of the most fascinating photography books that I’ve ever read. It belongs on every photographer’s bookshelf or coffee table, because it’s the kind of book that has something for everyone.”

    - Dan Bailey. Dan Bailey’s Adventure Photography Blog.

“Well written and beautifully illustrated, the book offers not only the nuts and bolts and interior workings of lens(es) but shows numerous top-quality photographs that visually capture the essence of the technical explanations.”

    - Si Dunn. Books, Books, and More New Books.

“All the way through there a beautiful examples of how these different lenses and settings perform, helping you to make a decision through actually seeing the result, not just from what you are told in words.”

    - ePHOTOzine

“There’s so much information in here that even if you think you know all your stuff, you might be surprised.”

    - Jade Price. Photography Monthly.

“A great guide with practical advice on a topic that should get a lot more attention from anyone with a camera that can mount different lenses. Bravo!”

    - Imaging Resource.

“We like The Lens: A Practical Guide for the Creative Photographer because it summarizes in one place a lot of information about interchangeable lenses.”

    - RainyDayPhotography.

“Maybe the Only Book You’ll Need on the Subject”

    - John Jacobson, Amazon reviewer.

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