Sometimes it’s the little things: Anglepoise fail

So I’ve been shopping around for a desk lamp recently. I just want something solid and reliable and convenient to use. Not a complicated problem, one might think.

I want something like the Anglepoise lamp my father bought back in the 1960s. This is a two-arm sprung lamp that holds its position wherever you point it. (Americans who don’t know this brand - think of the Luxo Jr film by Pixar. Anglepoise licensed the spring design to Norwegian firm Luxo, which was later immortalised in the early CGI short.)

Anyway. I spent a ton of money on a modern-build replica Anglepoise “1227″ lamp in shiny polished chrome. A bit self-indulgent, as I could have bought 15 IKEA cheapies for the same amount of money, but I figured it’s something I’m buying for life here. I’m not fond of buying junk and throwing it away after a year.

So it arrives and - the switch has been moved to be inline with the power cord on the new design! Not on the shade.


So much for reaching up to the shade, switching it on, and adjusting the light position in one smooth motion. Now I have to stand up, reach over behind the lamp to where the cord has probably fallen down behind the desk, turn on the lamp…

It’s a little thing, sure, but so aggravating. What were these guys thinking? So much for spending all that money on the perfect lifetime desk lamp. And it’s a recent change. The photos and technical specs on the Anglepoise website all clearly state that the switch is on the shade.

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