An early selfie

This must be one of the earliest examples of the phenomenon!

Taking risks

Some brilliant architectural photos taken from a very unusual, and somewhat dangerous, angle.

To combine the prosaic interiors with the cyberpunk-like vertigo-inducing exteriors is a stroke of genius.


Nadine Ohara photo contest

Photo.net has a new wedding photography contest running, named after their long-time moderator, Nadine Ohara. Nadine sadly died last year of cancer. She was a generous contributor to the Photo.net forums, and kindly provided me with some super-accurate fact-checking for my book on flash photography.

And we’re back!

Sorry about a bit of downtime there, folks. Just moved the server to a new location and various Unexpected Issues arose. Should be stable now.

The Earth and Moon 45 years ago

Forty-five years ago the best known photo of our little planet was taken by Apollo astronauts orbiting the Moon. Merry Christmas 1968!


A kind of you.

Nikon Df - an unabashedly self-conscious blast to the past

So after a long period of rumours, the new Nikon Df has been announced. This is basically Nikon’s ultra-retro retro camera - a solid metal block, with 1970s styling, that looks and feels like a classic Nikon F-series film camera, but which is completely digital.

It’s an interesting experiment which should appeal to the wealthy nostalgia market. It even has the usual solid lockable top dials and the ability to use ancient pre-AI Nikon F lenses. But no video - that would undermine the purity of the stills-only approach!

It does look pretty cool and I’ll bet it’ll be a lot of fun to use. But it is amusing that Nikon is billing the UI as intuitive and stuff, after decades of vaunting an increasingly digital UI as being, well, intuitive. And I also just don’t buy it. I do like big chunky dials and the like, but they’re not inherently more intuitive. They’re just a product of the technological capabilities and cultural traditions of the 1970s.

But, speaking of not buying it, it’s also not a camera that’ll be making it to my house anytime soon. I don’t have any cameras in the Nikon system, but the main thing about the Df is that it is mind-blowingly expensive.

Still, good on Nikon for doing something fun like that. It’s certainly a change from the me-too cameras out there, flooding the market!

The Lens iBook: now on your computer!

Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) has been released, and with it comes the ability to read multimedia-formatted iBooks! If you’ve bought a copy of my most recent book, The Lens, you can now read it on your Mac. Groovy!


A one-off design by Jonathan Ive and Marc Newson.

Adobe hacked

Oops. Data on 2.9 million Adobe users has been stolen from Adobe’s servers in a pretty big security breach. The data stolen was encrypted, but it’s probably a good idea to change your Adobe password at the very least!
Definitely one of the big risks of continued growth online commerce and paid cloud services…