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So you bought that brand new flash unit for your SLR. But so many flash photos end up like point and shoot snapshots! Wouldn’t it be great if your flash could help you take perfectly lit, natural looking photos each and every time?

Convincing an electronic flash to do your bidding is one of the biggest challenges faced by many photographers. But fortunately everyone now has access to two indispensable tools that make learning flash much easier: the preview screen on the back of nearly every digital camera sold today, and Mastering Canon EOS Flash Photography.

This lavishly illustrated title is probably the most authoritative and in-depth book ever written on the subject of modern flash, and covers everything from beginner basics to advanced off-camera techniques. It’s geared towards users of the Canon EOS system, but is of benefit to any photographer, particularly those using digital SLRs. And it’s written by NK Guy, creator of PhotoNotes.org, the free online photography resource.

Want to get the best from your shoe-mount flash unit? Build sophisticated wireless lighting setups? Tackle full-on studio flash? Go fully manual for total lighting control? Then this book is for you!

Plus the foreword is by the legendary David Hobby of the indispensable off-camera lighting site, Strobist.com.

Mastering Canon EOS Flash Photography is available today from Rocky Nook, the photographer’s choice for quality books about photography, written by photographers. It’s distributed worldwide by O’Reilly.



Want another view of Mastering Canon EOS Flash Photography? Check out these reader opinions!

“My strobe work has already improved 100% and I haven’t even finished the book yet.”

“...if I had to sum this book up in two words or less it would be simple elegance.”

Customer reviews from Amazon.com.

“You now have a holy grail - protect it with your life.”

Nate Benson blog review.

“I have seen a lot of books that cover flash photography, but not one that is as complete and authoritative.”

T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics

“After reading this book, few pieces of studio equipment will remain a mystery.”


“This 419 page book is by far the most comprehensive book that I have on flash in general and Canon flashes in particular.”

Light Description, blog review by Gordon Buck.


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