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The Dictionary of Film and Digital Photography.


Reviews of the Dictionary.

What have people got to say about the Dictionary of Film and Digital Photography?


“The dictionary is a marvelous online resource and fills a much needed gap. Obviously a labor of love and the result is an easy-to-use and well crafted site with nothing but useful data.”

Henry Posner, Director of Sales and Training
B&H Photo-Video, and Pro-Audio Inc.


“The Internet at its best is about the free sharing of knowledge by individuals. The good news is that today anyone can be a publisher. The bad news is that today anyone can be a publisher - and some days it appears that everyone is.

But, when someone with useful knowledge to share freely places their material online we all win. Such a case is the newly available Dictionary of Film and Digital Photography, by Neil K. Guy.

The Dictionary of Film and Digital Photography is a valuable contribution to the worldwide photographic community and one that is destined to become a standard reference and resource. It deserves to be at the top of every photographer’s Favorites list.”

Michael Reichmann, the Luminous Landscape.


“When I visited the dictionary for the first time, I found it interesting, accurate, and highly informative. And the definitions themselves contained links to many fabulous web sites that contained additional information.”

Arthur Morris,


“As a retired pro and teacher of photography, as well as a former teacher in the public school system, let me compliment Neil on a superb photography dictionary/glossary. Keeping up with the welter of terms and ‘alphabet soup’ of acronyms, initials, and abbreviations is daunting, and there is no other list as complete, accurate, and comprehensive as the dictionary that I’m aware of.”

Art Haykin. Bend, Oregon.


“The dictionary is a very great resource. From the beginner to the seasoned pro, it is useful to all.”

Ken Cravillion, Ken Cravillion Photography.


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Henry Posner: copyright B&H Photo Video. Michael Reichmann: copyright © 2000 Steve Kossack. Arthur Morris: copyright © 1999 Steven Theodore. All photos used with permission.