the PhotoNotes.org Complete EOS Lookup Page.

Confused over whether your camera is a type A or type B body? Uncertain as to whether a flash unit you’re thinking of buying will work correctly with your camera? Wondering what features a given Canon lens has? The PhotoNotes Complete EOS Lookup Page can help!

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Beta notice

Note that this feature is in testing, and certain features, particularly on cameras, are not complete. Camera custom functions in particular are not all there. If you notice any errors or other problems PLEASE send comments or error reports using the feedback form. Thanks!

Camera bodies.

Camera body comparisons.


Lens comparisons.

Lens specifications and reviews.


Flash unit comparisons.

Flash unit specifications and reviews.

Compatibility Checks.

Camera/lens compatibility checks.

Camera/flash compatibility checks.

Thanks to Derek Linney, Matthew Amster-Burton, Eric Boehm, Bill Goldman, Liza Daly, Steve Dunn, DrBacchus on #apache, Kaa, Yakim Peled, Gunther Schmidl and Dan Shiovitz for their kind assistance with developing this feature.